Monday Letter 9/20/21

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

I hope that you enjoyed the weekend. Thank you for selling magazines to support the school. All of the details are in the EFC if you have not yet created an account. This is an important fundraiser for the school and there are some fun prizes for the kids who sell even one magazine. So I encourage you to participate.


  • Sweatshirts; It is starting to get cold and for ventilation purposes our windows must be open, so kids need a sweatshirt or sweater daily
  • Lunch: is going so well! Please know that I am doing all that I can to encourage them to eat their lunch. Also, don’t forget napkins and utensils if needed.
  • Wednesday- mass, perfect uniform
  • Accidents: They happen and we are prepared! We have new underwear and socks, along with uniforms to borrow. If your child comes home in a borrowed uniform , please wash it and return to me. The socks and underwear are meant for you to keep. We gladly accept sock and underwear donations.

This week we are busy learning:

Language Arts:  Our theme is School Rules. Skills taught include identifying beginning sounds, antonyms, nouns for places, predicting as we read, and using interesting words when we write. The new sight words- like, it new phonograms: l-p

Math:   one more, problem solving using a diagram and then we will begin Ch. 2 numbers 6-10.

Religion: This week’s scripture story tells us the Holy Spirit is always with us and helps us. We will also begin to talk about the Holy Trinity

Second Step: Mistakes are okay!


M- Sight Word Practice

  • Cut out new words
  • Read and review
  • Add to previously introduced words and play I Spy! i.e. I spy ‘like’ or I spy ‘it’
  • Take turns being the caller and the reader
  • Read practice sentences


T- Happy Numbers

  • 20 minutes of independent work time


W- leveled reader

  • Please have your child read the book to you multiple times to build fluency
  • Return in plastic bag Thursday morning