Monday Letter 1/22/24

January 22, 2024

I hope you had a nice weekend. Thankfully the weather has normalized so we can get outside for recess this week. Please remember to send your child in a coat with a hood. The visiting team from the archdiocese will be here through wednesday. Please remember to save any free dress for after this time. 

Next week is Catholic Schools week. Please check the EFC for daily details, there are a few free dress days and lots of fun activities. This Sunday students encouraged to attend mass in their uniform followed by an open house. 


  • Wednesday: mass and noon dismissal
  • Sunday uniforms at mass, open house 11:30-1:00


Language Arts: Our theme this week is how living things grow and change Skills taught include: pausing for punctuation, identifying middle sounds and I will introduce opinion writing. The new words are: like, no, go, so New phonograms: ng, for, ed

Math: composing/ decomposing  numbers

Religion: Baptism

STEM: Push, Pull, Go! Students will learn about systems and engineer a swing that can knock over dominoes


Tuesday: Happy Numbers

Wednesday: reader- your child should read to themselves 3 times then to others 2 times to build fluency (reading with expression) Be sure they are tracking with their finger so as not to leave any words out or add any. Please make sure this gets back into the folder- wel use them first thing Thursday morning