Monday Letter 10-11-21

Dear Parents,

Thank you for understanding my absence and anything that inadvertently falls between the cracks while I am away. A very close relative of ours was killed suddenly in a plane crash earlier this week. It is a devastating loss to us all, and I needed some time with family, but I will be back Tuesday morning.

This is the very last minute to sell magazines. We will hear all about its success soon and I will have prize info for you as well.

Friday is an in-service day for us so there will not be any school.  I hope the weather cooperates and you are able to get out and do something fun!



Wednesday- mass (perfect uniforms)

Friday- No School

Here is a look at our week of learning.

Language Arts: This is a review week so I will not be introducing new words or skills. Hopefully you saw the sight word assessment I sent home last week. The kids are making good progress, but please be sure you are practicing as needed during the week. Students that already read these words, can look for them in text, practice spelling them and/or building sentences with them.

Math: Problem solving strategy- act it out and comparing numbers to 10. It is always a good idea to practice counting and number recognition on a daily basis. This doesn’t need to be anything formal! You can count your steps, white/ black cars that go by, and be on the lookout for a certain number all day.

Religion: The Lord is my Shepherd

Science: We will continue to collect, observe and record weather data looking for October weather trends.

Second Step:  safety lesson provided to us by the Archdiocese.


  • Monday- read sight word sentences, review words
  • Tuesday- Happy Numbers
  • Wednesday- Read Anthology stories (up to lesson 5) students should point to the words as they read.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Clarke

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